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Readyfuels by Anberlin is part of the album "Blueprints for the Black Market" and comes under the genre Rock,General. It was released on 17 Nov 2009 under the label of TOOTH & NAIL RECORDS. Copyright holded by (C) 2009 Tooth & Nail Records.

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Lyrics of Readyfuels

This car turned over without a key or gasoline tonight
Feel everything on fire and I'm dressed to kill killing for your dress goodnight
Help me to wait on you, hesitate it too, cause I'm alone
Feel so jaded, contemplative, waiting for you


We're running hot tonight and it feels so good
Your arm in mine here near midnight and it feels so right
Girls and the boys chase down running hot tonight


Running down the ready fuels it's finally over, just get over
Time will tell if all turns out ok
Help me to realize my dream is dying redefine despair
I turned away
So look the other way tonight


Can you wait for me a little longer/stronger?



'Readyfuels' is the first single from alternative rock band Anberlin from their debut album 'Blueprints for the Black Market'. The song is the opening track of the album as well as one of their better known singles. Readyfuels helped to prove that Anberlin can create a catchy riff as well as good lyrics and guitar solos. A demo of the song is featured on the band's Lost Songs album, which was the original recording of the song sent to Tooth and Nail to get signed in. The demo features a longer intro, a couple of slightly different guitar lines, and a difference in singer Stephen Christian's voice.

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