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Market Square Heroes by Marillion comes under the genre Rock,General. It was released on 18 Aug 2008 under the label of CAROLINE WORLD SERVICE. Copyright holded by (C) 2003 EMI Records Ltd This label copy information is the subject of copyright protection. All rights reserved. (C) 2003 EMI Records Ltd.

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Lyrics of Market Square Heroes

I found smog at the end of my rainbow
I found my thoughts shift slowly into phase
Declared the constitution of the walkways
I realised it's time to plan the day, the day, the day
the day, the day, the day, the day


I'm a Market Square hero gathering the storms to troop
Cause I'm a Market Square hero speeding the beat of the street pulse
Are you following me, are you following me?
Well suffer my pretty warriors and follow me


I got a golden handshake that nearly broke my arm
I left the ranks of shuffling graveyard people
I got rust upon my hands from the padlocked factory gates
Silent chimneys provide our silent steeples


Cause I'm a Market Square hero gathering the storms to troop
Cause I'm a Market Square hero speeding the beat of the street pulse,
street pulse
Are you following me, are you following me?
Well suffer my pretty children and follow me, follow me


I am your antichrist (are you following me?)
Show me allegiance (are you following me?)
I am your antichrist (are you following me?)
Pledge to me defiance (are you following me?)
Suffer my pretty warriors (are you following me?)
Suffer my fallen child (are you following me?)
The time has come to conquer and I'll provide your end
We march


I give peace signs when I wage war in the disco
I'm the warrior in the ultra violet haze
Armed with antisocial insecurity
I plan the path of destiny from this maze.


Cause I'm a Market Square hero gathering the storms to troop
Cause I'm a Market Square hero speeding the beat of the street pulse,
street pulse
Are you following me, are you following me?
Well suffer my fallen angels and follow me
I'm the Market Square hero, I'm the Market Square hero
We are Market Square heroes, to be Market Square heroes



'Market Square Heroes' is the debut single of progressive rock band Marillion, released in 1982 with 'Three Boats Down From The Candy' as the B-side. The 12' single includes an additional track, the 17:15 minute long 'Grendel', making it an EP in terms of overall length. The A-side is an anthemic rock song whose lyric vaguely describes the rise of civil unrest under some charismatic leader in the face of increasing unemployment; the original title was 'UB 2,000,001'. According to Marillion's singer and lyricist Fish, the 'market square hero' is a 'would-be revolutionary with all the necessary charisma and presence of a leader without direction or goals, just a sense of frustration and anger'. 'The track was the band's 'first attempt at deliberately writing a hit record and a 'simple' rock song to juxtapose against our meandering but dynamic 'epics'. Musically, 'Three Boats' (the first song co-written by keyboardist Mark Kelly) and 'Grendel' are more typical of the progressive rock style. 'Grendel' is a long and complex composition that drew frequent (mostly unfavourable) comparisons with 'Supper's Ready' by Genesis. As Fish himself admitted later, 'We were concerned about the similarity to the lengthy composition by Genesis called 'Supper's Ready' which also meandered and burst into sections, the end one in particular, which would add conviction to the many critics opinions that Marillion were more than influenced by Genesis.' Inspired by John Gardner's novel 'Grendel', the lyric looks at the Beowulf myth from the perspective of the monster. Marillion have never played the track live after 1983. In spite (or possibly because) of this, it developed into a cult favourite among die-hard fans; it is not uncommon to hear someone in the audience yell 'Grendel!' at Marillion's or Fish's concerts even in the late 2000s.

Neither of the tracks on this release were included on Marillion's debut album 'Script For A Jester's Tear', which appeared in early 1983. Re-recorded versions of 'Market Square Heroes' and 'Three Boats Down From the Candy' would form the b-side to the 1984 single Punch and Judy (and, as such, be included on the 1988 compilation 'B'Sides Themselves', along with 'Grendel'.) The first time that a version 'Market Square Heroes' would become available on an album was on the 1984 live album 'Real to Reel', although a live version of 'Three Boats...', recorded at the 1982 Reading Festival, was included on the 'Reading Rock' festival album. The versions of 'Market Square Heroes' and 'Three Boats' would become available on CD in 1997, when EMI put them on the bonus disc of the remastered 'Script For A Jester's Tear'. Eventually, a CD replica of the single was part of a collectors box-set containing Marillion's first twelve singles released in July 2000.

The cover art was designed by Mark Wilkinson, who went on to create all Marillion artwork until 1988 and most of Fish's solo artwork after that. The cover introduced two distinctive visual elements that would identify the band in the years to come: the figure of the 'Jester' and the logo, designed by Jo Mirowski. The record was produced by David Hitchcock, who had, incidentally also produced the Genesis album 'Foxtrot' with 'Supper's Ready' on it. Hitchcock was also contracted to produce Marillion's upcoming debut album, but was heavily injured in a car accident when he drove home in a state of physical exhaustion after finishing work on the single. EMI used this occasion to convince the band to replace him with Nick Tauber, a more 'modern' producer best known for his work with Toyah.

The single did not enter the upper reaches of the UK singles charts, peaking at no. 60; however, sales remained stable for some time due to people backtracking on the strength of later, more successful releases. The song came fourth in Kerrang! magazine's Singles of the Year 1982.

The radio edit replaces the line 'I am your antichrist' with 'I am your battle priest'.

A limited edition (2,500 copies) picture disk of the 12' for Market Square Heroes was available through an offer made by The Web, Marillion's fan club.

thumb|left|[[Aylesbury Market Square, the place that inspired the lyrics for 'Market Square Heroes' and the scene of a one-off reunion performance of the song by Fish and Marillion in 2007.]] On 26 August 2007, Fish performed 'Market Square Heroes' at the Hobble on the Cobbles festival in the market square of Aylesbury, the original 'setting' of the song in the town where Marillion was formed. The other members of the band (except singer Steve Hogarth) joined Fish on stage for this song. This surprise one-off reunion was the first occasion the classic line-up has shared one stage since the split in 1988.


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